about us

Still Waters Church is a United Methodist Community creating opportunities for adults and children to experience personally the meaning and fulfillment Christ offers. We provide a contemporary, casual worship environment with music provided by our Praise Band and no dress code - come as you are!  

  • planted in 1996...

    Our first worship services were held at Jackson Elementary School and our average attendance was 40 people - seated in folding chairs. It was an exciting time, trying to build something out of nothing. But we knew that Jesus builds His church, so we stopped watching the door and focused on providing our guests and new members a meaningful way to celebrate our shared faith.

  • and growing...

    Today we have our own church building and continue to grow, guided by our mission and continuously adapting to the ever-changing needs of our faith community and the world. Recently we experienced change due to the Pandemic, but rather than focusing on the "can't", we set our sights on getting stronger and doing more, significantly improving our technology and finding new ways to reach out to support those in need. The Pandemic offered a powerful opportunity to re-double our efforts to live our mission...it's why we exist! 

  • Still Waters Church exists to FIND the Lost, RELEASE the Captive, and DEVELOP Disciples of Jesus. Our mission statement reflects our values, guides our decisions, and helps us see the meaning and purpose of our efforts.  Click here for more information...  circlerightarrow  

  • In the words of John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement, "A Methodist is...one who loves the Lord his God with all his heart, with all his soul, with all his mind, and with all his strength."  Click her for more information... circlerightarrow

  • The United Methodist Church recognizes the two sacraments in which Christ himself participated:  Baptism and the Lord's Supper.  Click here for more information... circlerightarrow

  • Celebrations are an important part of life. Weddings, funerals, and memorial services offer opportunities to celebrate life and honor treasured memories. Click here for more information about planning a celebration at Still Waters...  circlerightarrow

  • Still Waters Church staff members bring a variety of talents and skills to the church. They are experienced and care about reaching out to the community and the world guided by our mission to FIND the Lost, RELEASE the Captive, and DEVELOP Disciples of Jesus. Click for more information... circlerightarrow

  • The Accountable Leadership Board (ALB) of Still Waters Church is responsible for the governance of the church, including the operations of Finance, Trustees (facility and property), and Staff Parish Relation functions.  Click here for more information... circlerightarrow