accountable leadership board model passed

The Accountable Leadership Board (ALB) of Still Waters Church is responsible for the governance of the church, including the operations of Finance, Trustees (facility and property), and Staff Parish Relation functions. There are co-chairs for each of these areas.  Members of this team immerse themselves in prayer, in best current church leadership practices, in seeking God's vision diligently, in listening to our church voice intently, and in seeking the voice of those not yet here. They seek to set goals, in conjunction with the staff, that will align with God’s vision and all administrative church functions. 

Our Accountable Leadership Board members are:

  • Chair: Tom Romoser
  • Vice Chair: Kathy Slesar
  • Lay Leader: Dean Maytag
  • Trustees: Tom Schwartzburg, Mary Lou Stelter,
  • Staff Parish: Amy Lewis, Dianne Priegel
  • Finance: Robin Olson, Linda Kleinhans
  • At Large: Barb Smith, Jeff Byard


Still Waters Church  

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