Steve Lirely


I grew up in a ministry home surrounded by family who were actively engaged in church and the ministry. My father and grandfather were both United Methodist pastors. The long family tree throughout our lives has included numerous pastors from Lutherans to Methodists. Being in ministry was ingrained into our daily lives and each of my brother and sisters found their own call to ministry in diverse ways. Music played a huge role in the ministry of our family. My mother is an accomplished pianist and quite often played in the churches we served. My father had a beautiful singing voice and sang all the time whether he was in church or the car. They strongly encouraged music with all of us kids and we all played instruments in band and took piano lessons. We actually performed as a family at church gatherings and worships services. 

I became acquainted with the guitar in fourth grade and became obsessed with the instrument. Over the years I frequently played in churches, camps, conferences and even had the opportunity to recorded in Nashville. Music has always been a centering part of my life. I have been blessed to be able to share this craft for God's glory and by his loving grace.

I am a former United Methodist Minister and I also worked as an executive with the Boy Scouts of America. My ministry call was to primarily work with children, youth, and families. Of course, music was a huge part of the ministry. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Religion at McKendree University and earn my Master of Divinity at Christ Seminary-Seminex in cooperation with the Lutheran School of Theology.

I enjoy being part of the Still Waters Praise Team and encouraging and supporting children, youth, and adults to explore the gift of music that God has granted.