life is better together

A great way to get plugged into the life of Still Waters Church is to become involved in a small group. It is here where individuals are most known and cared for in the community. Small groups help you meet others who share your same interests, beliefs and values. If you are interested in finding out more about small groups, contact Bridget Case.

ACTS Fellowship Groups

Based on Acts 2:42-47, we are reminded that we enlarge our understanding of God when we fellowship with others. An important part of each of our discipleship journeys includes deepening connections with other Christians.

You are invited to join us for 'Home Fellowship' style gatherings at the church. Just as early Christians did, we'll come together weekly to get to know one another and think about our faith. The format of the meetings will simply be to answer 'check-in' type questions (e.g. What was your first car?) as well as some questions that help us talk about faith. Come and connect. No Biblical knowledge or faith background needed! Knowing that summer is a busy time, feel free to drop in for as many sessions work for you! Contact the church office for more information. 

Sign up for one of two groups: 

  • Monday Nights (June 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th) | 7:00 - 8:00 pm | Pastor Lori
  • Tuesday Mornings (June 19th, 26th, July 10th, 17th) | 10:00 - 11:00 am | Bridget Case

more about small groups

Joining a small group provides the opportunity to connect with others who share our beliefs and plug into the church body. Small groups may form as study groups based on a specific topic and last for one day or several weeks. Or small groups may form as home groups where individuals gather to build relationships and grow in their faith. If you are interested in learning more about home groups, contact Bridget Case.

  • why do we have small groups?

    Small group programs strengthen the whole fiber of the congregation. Much as grapes grow in clusters, a church develops small friendship groups around a central stem. The force that attracts individuals into groups varies, but it often has something to do with common interests, a common belief system, and a welcoming host. The larger church fosters smaller groups by providing nourishment and encouragement.

  • how are small groups formed?

    People form small groups around centers of common interest. They are attracted by their needs for social interaction, the support of caring and sharing friends, and a sense of belonging to a meaningful body of peers. They want a place where they can get good advice and feel free to speak without rejection. Because people need both to hear and be heard, small groups do best with sharing rather than dominant leaders. Small group meetings have four common elements:

    1. Fellowship (conversation and occasionally refreshments)

    2. Bible Study (a planned topic or discussion based on recent sermons)

    3. Self-Expression (sharing, celebration, and prayer requests)

    4. Prayer (either individually or as a group)

  • what are the benefits of small groups?

    A small groups network is a living thing that comes and goes, expands and contracts over time. Some groups fade while others flourish. Regardless of the length of time groups exist, participants meet new people and build friendships. A small group is a caring and sharing environment that provides spiritual support and fellowship.


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