giving of our talents

We are often held back from recognizing or sharing our gifts because of a narrow definition of "talent." We think "talented people" are extraordinary achievers or have easily identifiable gifts, such as musical ability or artistic talent. We must remember that each one of us was created by God and was given the ability to serve God and each other in some way.

  • Practical ways to share your talents

    Talents include being a good listener, being able to organize people, relating well to children or teens, being patient with others and numerous other less-recognized gifts. Our gifts often change during our lives: in our youth our gift may be energy; when we're older, it is knowledge. We are each one-of-a-kind creations of God with unique contributions to make in this world.  Practical ways to share your talents:

    • Be available to your family and friends. Be open to the needs of those around you and be willing to provide assistance.
    • Be an active member of our church. Our church is enriched and strengthened by the participation of its members.
    • Get involved in your community. You touch and are touched by many people and groups who could benefit by your gifts - school, homeless shelter, nursing home, hospital, community center and others.
    • Advocate for the things you believe in. Your voice can make a difference in your community, the nation and the world.
  • sharing your talents at still waters

    In addition to the many opportunities to Get Connected and Get Involved at Still Waters, there are other opportunities to play an important role within the church. Groups of church member volunteers work together under the guidance of church leadership to manage six key functions that guide the church as it designates resources of people, time and money. Church members with skill and experience in these areas may be invited to serve on leadership teams:  

    • Church Services
    • Discipleship
    • Facilities
    • Human Resources
    • Information & Technology
    • Finances
  • Top 5 myths about volunteering at church

    • Myth #1 - "I'm not good at anything."
    • Myth #2 - "They don't need my help."
    • Myth #3 - "I don't have time."
    • Myth #4 - "Giving in the collection plate is all that is needed."
    • Myth #5 - "I'm too [INSERT EXCUSE HERE] to volunteer."


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