giving of our time

Time is a precious gift.  Most of us feel we don't have enough time for all the things we want to do. Contrary to our cultural norms, good stewardship of time doesn't mean being busy all the time.  Time spent in prayer, nurturing relationships with our family and friends or just enjoying the beauty of the world around us is time well spent.  Taking "time out" to nourish ourselves spiritually can be the best thing we can do to deepen our relationship with God.

  • get connected | small groups

    At Still Waters Church, small groups are a good place make friends and build community. It is within small groups that people can build personal relationships, practice applying the gospel and experience life in the family of God. Find a group that fits your interests and grow with us!.

  • get involved | service

    Get involved by taking action to create positive change. Still Waters Church offers many opportunities for individuals to work together to improve lives and shape the future, such as Harvest House, Family Promise, Neighborhood Outreach. Find the kind of service that is right for you and volunteer today!


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