united methodist committee on relief (UMCOR)

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is the humanitarian relief and development arm of The United Methodist Church.  UMCOR exists to assist United Methodists and churches to become involved globally in direct ministry to persons in need through programs of relief, rehabilitation, and service, including issues of displaced persons, hunger and poverty, disaster response, and disaster risk reduction; and to assist organizations, institutions, and programs related to annual conferences and other units of The United Methodist Church in their involvement in direct service to such persons in need.

wildfires in california

As the wildfires in California have devastated families and responders in the area in unprecedented ways, we can help. The first thing we can do is pray...pray for victims, families, first responders, firefighters, and all impacted. Secondly, Still Waters Church will be taking up a special offering on November 24/25 during worship. Any money donated toward wildfires will be sent to United Methodist Committee On Relief (UMCOR) relief efforts. UMCOR is already at work in California, and 100% of donations will go toward relief efforts. 

Please make check payable to Still Waters Church, and put "fires" in the memo and place in the offering basket or bring to the church office any time.


Still Waters Church  

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