accountable leadership model

There is a national  movement in the United Methodist Church to help local churches streamline the administrative structure of the congregation. The model that worked 50 years ago has become cumbersome and inefficient.One of the learning sessions at our Annual Conference this year provided an opportunity for local churches to learn about Accountability Leadership Boards and how they function.  In the Wisconsin Conference, dozens of churches have changed to or are moving toward this model. 

At Still Waters Church, we have discussed the possibility of moving toward this model in our four current operating committees: staff parish, finance, lay leadership, and trustee committees. We received unanimous approval from all who attended committee meetings in January through April to go ahead and pursue the possibility of moving toward this model.

The Accountable Leadership Board (ALB) would be one 12-member leadership team, including:

  • 1 Chairperson
  • 1 Vice-Chairperson
  • 2 Staff Parish Representatives
  • 2 Finance Representatives
  • 2 Trustee Representatives
  • 1 Lay Leader
  • 3 At-Large Members

This Accountable Leadership Board would replace the current staff parish, finance, lay leadership, and trustee committees.  There would also be a separate Properties Team to oversee the upkeep and maintenance of our building and property.

We will hold informational sessions, open to all, where we will discuss this plan. The Leadership Board Informational Sessions are scheduled for:

  • Thursday, June 20th at 1:00 pm
  • Tuesday, June 25th at 6:00 pm

If the congregation agrees to move forward, we will hold a charge conference to approve this new structure to begin in 2020.  Please feel free to contact Pastor Lori or any of our current committee members with questions and comments.


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