breakthrough prayer

  • breakthrough prayer challenge

    This is an unprecedented time in our history. At such a time as this, we seek even more to be a part of God’s movement to bring heaven to earth - to be a part of His kingdom building. To help us reach out during these moments with a sense of calm and a spirit of hope, we challenge everyone to join us as we renew our dedication to Breakthrough Prayer.

    Our Challenge:  Set your phone alarm for 6:10 am or 6:10 pm as a reminder to pray! (If 6:10 doesn’t work for you, pick a time that does.) Join us as we pray:

    Gracious God,

    Bring us to the place you need us, 

    and give us the strength and courage

    to be who you need us to be.

    God, we pray for all who are struggling during this time.

    We pray for and thank you for those on the front lines of our global pandemic.

    God we pray for health, strength, and healing of our broken world. Amen.

    If you are swamped right now or feel overwhelmed during these uncertain times, please set your alarm anyway, even if you don't have the energy to pray.  When your alarm goes off, let it be a reminder that we are praying for you!

  • what is breakthrough prayer?

    Every church recognizes that prayer is important. But what happens when a congregation unites to pray collectively and consistently for God to break through in new and miraculous ways?

    What Breakthrough Prayer is NOT:

    Breakthrough Prayer does NOT replace any prayer practices we already have. It is in addition to our prayers for one another, our prayer in worship, our prayer in meetings, etc. It is not just a prayer class, prayer committee, prayer small group, prayer meeting, or sermon series.

    What Breakthrough Prayer IS: 

    Breakthrough prayer is when God’s people join together in an intentional prayer movement across all ages to simply and repeatedly pray. It is a petition to God to do new things, beyond our imagining, bigger than we could possibly do on our own - without boundaries, without limits without anticipated outcome.

  • our breakthrough prayer (original)

    Inspired by the words in Matthew 6:10, "Your kingdom come, Your will be done, On Earth as it is in Heaven", we are inviting everyone to pray our Breakthrough Prayer every day at 6:10 am and/or 6;10 pm. 

    Gracious God,

    Bring us to the place you need us,

    and give us the strength and courage

    to be who you need us to be.



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