The Journey Continues

Pastor Lori  August 2016

Still Waters Church…

First, and perhaps most importantly, thank you!  You have done for me what I believe you do for all who walk through our doors- you have welcomed my family and me so very warmly.  From the moment I came I have felt God’s Spirit very strongly at work here- in fact I’ve gotten chills many times as I sense God’s hand on a situation.  Thank you for the amazing way you let God work in the midst of Sunday morning worship… Wow!  We have amazing musical gifts here!  And what a great staff!  And volunteers!


The Heartbeat of Still Waters Church: As I continue to learn about our church it so awesome to hear people quote and then seek to live out our mission- to FIND the lost, RELEASE the captive, and DEVELOP disciples!


There are so many possibilities for our future together!  Here are some things that I know of coming up:

  • I look forward to starting up a Bible Study this fall on Monday evenings.  Let me know if there are particular areas of the Bible that you are interested in.  I may start with a few weeks of Bible Foundations unless I get significant input otherwise.
  • I am eager to experience Saturday evening worship also beginning in September!
  • I am excited for new small group opportunities this fall as well.  If you are not currently a part of a small group, please prayerfully consider being a part of one of several new short-term groups starting soon!
  • If you have not joined the church, we’ll have a new member class on Saturday, November 12, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Please sign up via the website or call the church office.
  • 20th anniversary celebration on Sunday September 25th!   Don’t miss it!  Whether you’re new like me, or have been here 20 years, you’ll find this a time to celebrate our roots and look forward to our future.
  • IF you are not yet sure where you fit in here at Still Waters, or you have a passion for a ministry or mission that does not yet exist here, let me know!  Or maybe you just don’t know all the things going on here.  I’d love to work with you on helping you find that special place that God has for you at Still Waters Church!
  • Looking out a little further in the future:  In a year, I will be traveling to England on a “Legacy of John Wesley” tour.  If you might be interested in traveling with me, please see me!  There are brochures in the entryway that you can pick up.  Dates are Oct 6 – 14, 2017


Church, this is an exciting time.  My soul is not only well (as John Wesley would say) but I also look to the future with hope and enthusiasm and I almost can’t wait to see what God will do!


Finally, as I continue to listen and discern, I’ll also be working with leadership on beginning to think about strategic directions.  Please do not hesitate to drop by, email me ( text me or call me (cell is 614-620-5315)!  I want to hear from you! 


Church, you are awesome.  You are God’s chosen people, holy and beloved.  Never, ever forget that!  God will continue to use you, God will use us for His amazing work, as long as we are humbly willing to step out and be a part of it!!!  Blessings!!!!!



Still Waters Church  

3617 Scenic Road

Jackson, WI 53037

(262) 677-1311