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  • dealing with times of stress

    The COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that may cause severe illness and even death. Fear and anxiety surrounding the disease, and social isolation may become overwhelmingly stressful. In addition to treatment and prevention of the illness, it is important to care for our psychological and spiritual health.

    Click here for important (and helpful) information about dealing with stress at such a time as this - a message provided by Dr. Larry Gill.

  • links to helpful information

    Note: Social services in your community may be able to direct you to additional resources.
  • Congregational Care

    Hurting, or know someone who is?  Please let us know.

    Our Congregation Care Ministers exists to care for one another in times of need. There are seasons of life when we face sickness, loneliness, or grief.  We seek to come alongside people during such times to provide comfort and hope.

    Please feel free to reach out to our Pastor Lori or our Congregational Care Minister Coordinator, Kim Bartusek.  Their contact info is as follows: 

    Also, please do reach out to one other. If there are people you would normally see at small group, different church functions, worship, etc, make it a point to email, text, or phone call reaching out to see how people are doing. 

  • prayer

     pastor lori email  

    Still Waters is a caring United Methodist community of faith that seeks to minister to the whole you: body, mind and spirit. We walk together to find the right road so that no one needs to face life's perils alone.

    Prayer is powerful - let us know if we can help you through prayer. 


  • Pastoral care

    pastor lori email   

    Pastor Lori and Pastor Bridget are available when you need help. Caring for a person who is struggling with a difficulty, being present during a time of pain, praying with someone in a crisis—these are the moments when spirits are strengthened and we find hope - this is their calling.  Like shepherds, they care for us on our journey and guide us through dark valleys.