"Next Step...from Mortgage to Mission" is our mortgage reduction campaign. This campaign asks us to prayerfully consider how best we can support God's work, our church, our worship life together, and our greater mission in our community. Conducting a mortgage reduction campaign will allow us to pay off our debt, realize remarkable interest savings and free up funds in our operating budget for ministry and mission. 

want to learn more?

Would  you benefit from a visit regarding our "Next Step...from Mortgage to Mission" Campaign? If so, we have visitors who are available and looking forward to meeting with you!

Maybe you would:

  • Like more information about the specifics of the campaign;
  • Like to know more about the ministries of Still Waters Church;
  • Like to talk about how to make a special gift to the campaign;
  • OR, maybe it's simply been awhile since you connected personally with someone from the church and you would like to have an opportunity to do so?

Whatever the reason, we are prepared to have a conversation with you. Let us know by contacting the church office by email   or phone 262-677-1311. 

calendar of events

March 10th & 11th

Kick Off Weekend

April 15th

Pacesetter Gathering

Be involved, informed, and inspired to consider making an early commitment to build momentum for our campaign.

May 5th & 6th

Invitation-to-Prayer Weekend

Receive your "Next Step...from Mortgage to Mission" Prayer & Commitment Packet.

May 20th

Commitment Sunday

You will be invited to bring your commitment to worship and join us for an all-church celebration.

NEXT STEP leadership team

Our "Next Step...from Mortgage to Mission" Leadership Team has been preparing for our campaign. We thank the following for serving:


Lorie Lossie, Kim Bartusek, Bridget Case, Renae Dymond, John Haas, Andrew Jones, Robin Olson, Mary Lou Stelter, and Gail Timm.


Andrew Jones, Jeff Byard, Kelly Byard, Lisa Paulson, Lisa Seiler, Jessica Steinman, Mitch Anderson, Kate Anderson, Lanae Knabe, Carla Lemminger, Dennis Thornton, Jadon Thornton, Ray Wolf, and Jennifer Wolf.


Lori Lossie, Linda Kleinhans, Paul Slesar, Fred Kandel, Jedd Axford, Marc Bartusek, John Haas, Guy Hoppe, Bruce Jordan, Rick Lange, Tom Romoser, and Steve Twining.


Bridget Case, Renae Dymond, Leah Witte, Gary Clausing, Teri Kandel, Katie Passineau and Jill Tucker.


Robin Olson, Gail Timm, Marc Bartusek, Marek Bartusek, Bruce Jordan, Bethany Lossie, Nancy Maier, Brandon Parsons, Tom Paulson, Bill Priegel.


Kim Bartusek, John Haas, Mary Lou Stelter, Vicki Passineau, Kelly Passineau, Dawn Peters, Kathy Dalton, Darcy Gill, Mike Hageman, Linda Hageman, Robin Jasinski, Ron Naab, Tyler Passineau, Susan Schalla, Diana Schoen, Tom Schwartzburg, Ruth Schwartzburg and Rod Stelter.


Still Waters Church  

3617 Scenic Road

Jackson, WI 53037

(262) 677-1311