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Registration in advance for in-person worship is required. Face Masks are required. To help us maintain safe gathering practices, registration is limited to 70 people for each service and will close at midnight on Saturday each week.

If you find that the registration is closed and you want to come to worship, please email Kathy at so we can try to include you in worship.

Click here for helpful guidelines for returning to worship. 

If this is the first time you are using the online registration tool, you might want to click here for a short tutorial that will walk you through the steps.

  • basic ingredients:  God's Recipe for life

    Stay in love with god

    May 23rd | 8:45 am                 Sign Up    roundedrightarrow

    May 23rd | 10:30 am              Sign Up    roundedrightarrow

  • Renovation:  Memorial Day weekend

    Never Too Late for Renovation

    May 30th | 8:45 am                 Sign Up    roundedrightarrow

    May 30th | 10:30 am              Sign Up    roundedrightarrow

  • renovation

    Difficulty that Leads to Building

    June 6th | 8:45 am                 Sign Up    roundedrightarrow

    June 6th | 10:30 am              Sign Up    roundedrightarrow