Stephen Ministry

  • do you need a stephen minister?

    If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, a Stephen Minister may be able to help:

    • Am I confused about events in my life?
    • Do I feel like I have lost control of my life and my problems?
    • Do I doubt God's presence and love for me?
    • Am I hurting?
    • Do my job worries seem too great to handle?
    • Am I feeling lonely? Do I often wish I had someone to share my thoughts with?
    • Have there been changes in my life that have caused readjustments in my lifestyles?
    • Am I having difficulty making decisions and finding answers?
    • Have I recently suffered a loss?
    • Do I ever feel like I just want someone to listen?
    • Can a Stephen Minister Help Me?
  • what do care receivers say?

    "My Stephen Minister is very special to me. I was listened to, cared about, prayed for, taught, loved, and nurtured. I have a true sister in Christ."

    "I didn't know what to expect from my Stephen Minister, but he put me at ease. I had a friend I could trust and who really cared about me. My caregiver showed me how to work things out for myself and patience to let me do it."

    "When I really needed a friend, my Stephen Minister was there. We cried together a lot, prayed together, talked, and now we laugh together."

    "I wish the whole world was made up of people like my caregiver...Christians with God's own heart."

  • becoming a stephen minister

    Robin Jasinski

    Stephen Ministers have cared for over one-and-a-half million people in one-to-one caring relationships - and they have touched countless more with compassionate understand and encouragement. If you sense that God might be calling you to serve as a Stephen Minister, the first step is to find out more about getting involved. Talk with one of our Stephen Leaders to learn more. As a Stephen Minister you will be trained to provide high-quality care to people who are hurting.  If you would like more information about becoming a Stephen Minister, please contact Robin . 


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