Still waters kids

Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 5

Our mission in Family Ministry is to partner with parents and families to guide children and youth into a life-long faith. One way we do that is through regular faith formation activities for our children! We offer activities and teaching for pre-kindergarten through grade five while parents and others re participating in regular church services in the sanctuary. We offer ‘Still Waters Kids’ during the 9:00 am and 10:30 am worship services on Sundays in a large group setting.

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Throughout the month of May we'll be talking about Resilience

and looking at stories of people in the bible

who got back up again when things got hard.

Digital Resources For Kids (Parents Too!)

We’re fully aware that a kid’s best ministry program is learning from their parent or guardian about Jesus. It doesn’t matter what your parenting life looks like: a guardian of foster kids, parents of a small army, godparent or parent of your first newborn. We’re here to support and surround you with tools you can use to share the love of Jesus with your kids. 

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save the date for vbs

As you’re beginning your summer planning, don’t forget to save the date!  Vacation Bible School will be the week of August 1… Let’s “Make Waves”!

Bible Boot camp

Grade 3

Our third grade students take an important step on the road to becoming a disciple by receiving their first Bible as a gift from the church. Bible Boot Camp is a 9-week program that begins each Fall. It is designed to help students become comfortable turning to the Bible for guidance. In Bible Boot Camp, students learn to use the table of contents and scripture references as guides to some of the wonderful stories and wisdom contained in both the Old and the New Testaments. As we progress through the Bible, students learn key verses that help them grow in their understanding of what God expects from them and what God will do for them.

growing in faith

Grades 4-5

Somewhere between leaving childhood behind and treading wide-eyed into the teenage years lurk a thousand bewildering questions. Where did God come from? How come I'm not perfect? Why doesn't everyone go to Heaven? Preteens' ask tough questions - the Bible offers smart answers. This is an important time to nurture the spiritual development of our children as they ask questions and search for answers. Opportunities for fun and fellowship are designed to help children develop a deep faith that is able to stand up to the questions they will ask.