awareness hour

Awareness Hour is a monthly ministry that creates a safe space to have open discussions about difficult topics. We will meet for one hour at 12pm on the 4th Sunday of each month starting January 23rd. The first 4 sessions in January-April, will be based on the docu-series titled Through Our Eyes. This series will look through a child’s eyes at the difficult subjects of parental incarceration, climate displacement, the wounds of war, and homelessness. Contact Jena Nahnsen with questions.

  • apart

    sunday, january 23 | 12 noon

    America has the world's largest prison population, and 1 in 14 children in the country will experience the incarceration of a parent. "Apart" follows Lyric, Eric, and Nnadji as they grapple with the incarceration of parents with whom they maintain a deep connection despite physical distance. Meanwhile, other family members take on multiple roles, rallying together to build a supportive foundation and bring hope to their lives. The three children, from disparate parts of the country and with different stories, have one simple thing in common: they want their loved one to return home.

  • uprooted

    Sunday, february 27 | 12 noon

    Since 2016, millions of people in the United States have been displaced by weather-related disasters that are occurring more frequently and with greater intensity due to climate change. In "Uprooted", two families with young children grapple with climate-related crises. In Iowa, sisters Emma (11) and Leo (9), the 6th generation on their family-owned farm, face the threat of moving after years of unpredictable weather have made farming unsustainable. In Texas, Mariah (9) copes with living in a motel room for months with her family, while waiting for their home to be rebuilt after it was severely damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

  • homefront

    sunday, march 27 | 12 Noon

    In the US, more than three million children live in homes with servicemembers and veterans who rely on caregiver support. Gabby, Terry, and Luther all have parents who were injured while serving, and each family has found a way to heal the wounds of war. "Homefront" shows how Gabby (9), a fierce animal lover with a stock of chickens, rabbits, bees, and dogs, loves her family and faces her fears about her Dad’s traumatic brain injury and PTSD via equine therapy. Terry (10), an enthusiastic boy and his parents, Taniki and Brandon, share their experiences and mental health struggles as they work to heal and help each other cope with depression and PTSD through honest conversation and embracing joy. Luther (9) is a charismatic boy who wants to be “like my dad when I grow up.” His father, Joe, a Navy veteran who lost his leg in an IED explosion, struggles through chronic pain to put family first.

  • shelter

    sunday, april 24 | 12 noon

    The homelessness crisis can feel distant until seen through a child’s eyes. "Shelter" follows 3 unhoused children and their parents in L.A. as they seek steady shelter. Skylar’s family lives day to day: in the car, the woods, or the rare respite of a motel room. She dreams of a room of her own, while her dad struggles to find a steady job so he can save for a deposit. Nicholas and his mom Jessica spend the summer in their car, until they secure emergency motel housing—a short-term fix giving Jessica 30 days to find a more permanent solution. Victoria is the daughter of housing activist Martha Escudero. After years of couch surfing, Martha, desperate to provide a safe environment for her daughters, breaks the locks on an abandoned, state-owned house and “occupies” it. Amid threats of eviction and neighborly hostility, Victoria plants a garden and hopes her family will soon be able to put down real roots.