october 30  | 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Thanks to all who participated and prayed for the ground breaking of the upcoming Habitat Home in West Bend, that will be occupied by our church member, Emily and her 3 kids!  If you would like to come help build the house, feel free to sign up:

  • Saturday, October 30, 9:00 - 3:00

Emily plans to be there building alongside us.  Sign up on our website.  If you can’t stay the whole day, that’s ok.  If you are not able to do the building work, but would like to provide lunch for our group on this date, please let Pastor Lori know!  

  • Location: 2031-2033 Northwestern Ave., West Bend, WI 53090

Many blessings and thanks so much for your support and prayers!

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Saturday | December 11, 2021

This Christmas, we hope to bless local families with the gift of empowerment. Our Outreach Team is making plans to invite families in need to participate in a store-like Christmas shopping experience this December where parents will have the opportunity to personally choose and purchase gifts at significantly reduced prices for their children. This empowering event allows these parents to experience the same joy on Christmas morning as most other parents across the nation – seeing their children opening gifts they had purchased through the efforts of their own hands. 

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medical mask ministry opportunity

As you may be aware, our medical community is facing a likely shortage of medical masks. If you are a seamstress/seamster, you can help! 

Click HERE for the instructions for making the needed masks. 

Feel free to make the masks and drop them off at church. We have cleared the books out of the “Little Library” temporarily to make space for medical masks.  You may place the medical masks there at any time. Dr. Larry Gill will pick them up periodically and deliver them to places in need.

Donate/Obtain Supplies:

There is a plastic container below the "Little Free Library" to gather donations of material (100% cotton), 1/4" elastic, thread, etc.  If you need supplies to make masks, please help yourself to items in the container.

Questions may be directed to:

another mask opportunity


Here is another great way you can help out our medical communities by making much needed masks. Please click on the link below, and find out more about this amazing opportunity to help during this time. Anyone can help!