• Baptism

    This Milestone launches the partnership between church and family. Parents will be encouraged to attend a meeting with Pastor Lori to discuss baptism. This meeting will explain the meaning of baptism and provide resources and encouragement to help the parents to hold to the vows they will make at baptism. Finally, the child can be baptized during a weekend service of your choosing.

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  • Bible presentation (grade 3)

    This Milestone will help families take steps toward frequent Bible reading and weekly faith talks/devotions. Parents will be encouraged to attend a meeting prior to the presentation to discuss how they can help raise their children in God's Word. Finally, we will present each parent with the Bible that they will be asked to write in and then present to their child in worship.

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  • confirmation (grade 6-8)

    At this Milestone, students take ownership of their faith. Through a number of classes, students have the opportunity to understand, experience, question and confirm the essentials of Christian doctrine, church life, service and personal discipleship. At the conclusion of their 8th grade year, students publicly profess their faith before the congregation during a regular church service and become members of the church. While this typically occurs in the 6-8 grade time frame, adjustments can be made to accommodate special circumstances.

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  • Graduation

    This Milestone will help students and families take a look back at and celebrate where they have come together. Students will be commissioned to take over the lead role in spiritual growth and spread the Light of God in their future life and endeavors. In worship, Seniors will be presented with a blanket and book. Finally, we will encourage and help families to celebrate this milestone in the way that they see fit (open house) but also in a private moment where the parents will read and present a written blessing to their senior.

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